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Knitting Noah’s Ark


 I’m pretty sure that most people are quite familiar with the story of Noah’s Ark.

How God told a man named Noah to build a giant boat, and fill it with two of every kind of animal, (seven of a few special ones) in preparation of a world-wide flood.

Of course, that was my abridged version, but you get the idea. We’ve all heard the story, and have all seen the cute animations of it. With the over-sized animals stuffed into a little ark, all adorable and corny…

And that’s what got me. The adorable, corny, cute little animals all shoved into a little ark, only this time they were knitted! That’s right, I found a knitting book on Noah’s Ark! How could I have passed that up?

Now, I didn’t just buy this book for fun. Well, I mean, I did, but I also had an idea in mind when I saw it! My twin nephews are turning one this year! And I really wanted to knit them something special for their birthday, but also something that they could play with. So I thought that this would be perfect! A good excuse to buy more knitting things for me, and a super-cute gift for my nephews!

Had I known how long this project was going to take, I probably wouldn’t have bought the book…

But, I’m the type of person who, buys first, and asks questions later!

Right after I bought the book, I went to Starbucks (because coffee and knitting are a match made in heaven) to see what materials I needed to complete this rather large task. Upon looking through the book, I realized that there were many different yarn colours that I would need for the various animals listed, which meant that I needed a shopping buddy! A.K.A. someone who could pick out colours for me because I’m colour-blind!

Luckily, my husband is usually up for the task! We went to Michael’s, and picked through, what seemed like, endless amounts of yarns! But eventually we found what we needed and moved on. We went to Wal-Mart to buy stuffing, and then proceeded home so I could start knitting….

I started with the ark. I figured that I should start with the biggest part of the project and work my way down. I originally thought that the ark would only take about a week, and each pair of animals, a day or two… Needless to say, that was not how it went at all… The reality was, it was a lot harder than I anticipated! Not hard, I guess. Just time-consuming! It took me about a month to finish (most of) the ark! And honestly, I still haven’t sewn it together….

Because the ark was taking so long, I decided to start some of the animals. I decided to start with the rhinos. For two reasons: One being that, rhinos are grey, and Dylan wasn’t home to help me pick out the colours for the other animals, and two, because I thought they were really cute!

They went pretty well! They were more finicky than time-consuming, but it was still a bit of a challenge getting them done, mostly because I get bored pretty easily.. and because, I may have taken a few weeks off of knitting… (sometimes I’m hopeless at getting things done..) But even after I came back from my lull, I have only managed to get a pair of zebras done.. sigh…

I can’t exactly remember when I started this project… I believe it was in February… So you would think, February to May would be enough time to finish this project…. Oh no! Somehow I ran out of time! As I stated above, I’m terrible for getting bored with big projects.. and I should have expected no less from this one…

At any rate. I’m nowhere near finished, and the boys turn 1 in a week exactly! So my life right now is all about knitting this ark and getting as much of it done as possible before their birthday!

So far I have done: Rhinos and Zebras and the ark should be done tomorrow.

What I hope to get done before Saturday: Elephants (which I have started) alligators, lions and toucans!

At this point I figure, worst case scenario, I’ll give them the ark with what animals I get done, and just add more to their collection as I finish them! At least they’re still too young to notice that their aunt left out some of the animals from the story!

As I finish the ark and animals, I’ll post some pictures for you all to see!

New Glasses

If you are someone who wears glasses on a regular basis, I’m sure you’re quite familiar with process of going to the optometrist every year or so and the joy (or maybe dread) of getting new glasses!

For me, because I was born with my eye condition, I have been wearing glasses since I was three years old, so I’m sure you can imagine how happy it made me when I got to trade in an old pair for a new one!

Growing up, I was only able to get new glasses every two years, which, when I was younger, was a bit of a challenge because usually by the time those two years was up, the frames were literally being held together by tape!

On the opposite year, though, going to see the optometrist wasn’t nearly as fun, because I still had to go for a routine checkup but I would leave with the same, old, generally falling apart pair of glasses.

And that’s how it went for about fifteen years! Seeing the doctor every year, and getting new glasses every other year. This carried on until I was eighteen. I was officially an adult, and because of that I had to start making my own appointments and, of course, paying for my own eye wear.

So, being the typical teenager that I was, I put off going to see my doctor, which, in turn, meant no new glasses for me… I had planned on going before my wedding, but I never made it… And I just kept putting it off… and putting it off…. Until one day, while I was cleaning the bathroom, I was cheerily going about the usual business of cleaning the toilet, when before I realized it, my glasses had slipped off my nose and into the toilet bowl!!! Gross, does not even begin to cover it… But it was in that moment that I declared to myself that I was going to the doctor as soon as possible to get new glasses because, I was too disturbed to wear, my now toilet soiled, old pair.

I made the appointment, and about two weeks later, I went in for my routine check up, but I was mostly just excited to finally replace my old, dirty and rather outdated frames!

I browsed for about an hour or so before I settled on a pair… I’m a very indecisive person, and it’s even more amplified when it comes to choosing glasses…. but with the help of my awesome husband, and the lovely office staff I found a pair that I was 90% sure of… I say 90% because I’m almost never 100% in love with any set of frames because I’m never quite sure how they’re going to look with the orange lenses, and it’s really quite hard for me to imagine… anyway, they sent me on my way saying that I should hear back in about six weeks…

I was so excited when I got the call that they were in! Finally, after 4 long years, I had new glasses! So I drove.. well, my husband drove me, out to the doctor’s office to pick up my new glasses.

And then I saw them… Honestly, my first reaction was “oh. my. goodness. I hate them” followed by, “What was I thinking??”. The lenses were huge in comparison to my previous pair… I had not anticipated them being so big… It looked (or so I thought) as though my face had been swallowed by orange!!

Of course, this is not the first time that I was disappointed in the frames I chose. I had happened to me once or twice when I was younger… But it made me quite upset this time around, because I had loved the frames when I picked them out, but with the orange lenses I really did not… But the reality was, that I needed them, so I (begrudgingly) took them home… I wore them all that day, not really enjoying my day because I thought that I looked rather dumb… not to mention they gave me a huge headache, and I had to go out and buy a new pair of sunglasses that would fit over top of my new monstrosities… Needless to say, that wasn’t a day that I wanted to remember..

Truthfully, I’m still not in love with my new glasses, even after a week with them, but with a lot of encouragement from Dylan, and overall, positive feedback from my friends and family, I am slowly but surely coming to terms with them, and even though I’m not crazy about them, I’m willing to tough it out and hope that I learn to love them!


What do you guys think?


Hello there!

My name is Bethany, and I am so happy that you decided to drop by! Grab yourself a snack or a cup of coffee (or both) and join me on my adventure!

First, a little background story: As I said above, my name is Bethany, I’m 22 years old, married to my amazing husband, Dylan and I am a stay at home wife. I also have a very large family, which includes my parents, 5 siblings(2 girls, 3 boys), 2 sisters-in-law, and two beautiful nephews! Dylan’s family is also quite big, and it includes his parents, and his 3 sisters!


Now that you know a little bit more about my beautiful and very extensive family, it’s time to focus a little bit more on my reasons for starting this blog.

I’m sure some of you are curious as to why someone would name their blog “ColourblindLife”, and I admit it’s a bit strange, however, the reason I chose such an odd name is simply explained by the fact that I am completely colour blind. That’s right, you heard me. 100% colour blind. I have never, and will never see colour.

Now, there is a reason for this, it’s not like I just woke up one day and couldn’t tell what colour the sky was! I was born with a condition known as Achromatopsia. The technical definition of this condition is, “a non-progressive and hereditary visual disorder which is characterized by decreased vision, light sensitivity and lack of colour vision. it effects 1 in 33,000 people in the US”

To put it simply, I am legally blind, my eyes are super sensitive to light, which is why I wear orange glasses, and I can see no colour. Just black and white for me!

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am in no way here to write a sad story about my condition. Or to complain about how hard life is for me, I am simply here to tell my story.

I get asked, on almost a daily basis, how I function without colour vision. How I do simple tasks like going shopping by myself and how I choose my nail polish colour and everything in between. So I decided that it would be fun to start my very own blog, and share with you what  life is like in black and white.