Knitting Noah’s Ark


 I’m pretty sure that most people are quite familiar with the story of Noah’s Ark.

How God told a man named Noah to build a giant boat, and fill it with two of every kind of animal, (seven of a few special ones) in preparation of a world-wide flood.

Of course, that was my abridged version, but you get the idea. We’ve all heard the story, and have all seen the cute animations of it. With the over-sized animals stuffed into a little ark, all adorable and corny…

And that’s what got me. The adorable, corny, cute little animals all shoved into a little ark, only this time they were knitted! That’s right, I found a knitting book on Noah’s Ark! How could I have passed that up?

Now, I didn’t just buy this book for fun. Well, I mean, I did, but I also had an idea in mind when I saw it! My twin nephews are turning one this year! And I really wanted to knit them something special for their birthday, but also something that they could play with. So I thought that this would be perfect! A good excuse to buy more knitting things for me, and a super-cute gift for my nephews!

Had I known how long this project was going to take, I probably wouldn’t have bought the book…

But, I’m the type of person who, buys first, and asks questions later!

Right after I bought the book, I went to Starbucks (because coffee and knitting are a match made in heaven) to see what materials I needed to complete this rather large task. Upon looking through the book, I realized that there were many different yarn colours that I would need for the various animals listed, which meant that I needed a shopping buddy! A.K.A. someone who could pick out colours for me because I’m colour-blind!

Luckily, my husband is usually up for the task! We went to Michael’s, and picked through, what seemed like, endless amounts of yarns! But eventually we found what we needed and moved on. We went to Wal-Mart to buy stuffing, and then proceeded home so I could start knitting….

I started with the ark. I figured that I should start with the biggest part of the project and work my way down. I originally thought that the ark would only take about a week, and each pair of animals, a day or two… Needless to say, that was not how it went at all… The reality was, it was a lot harder than I anticipated! Not hard, I guess. Just time-consuming! It took me about a month to finish (most of) the ark! And honestly, I still haven’t sewn it together….

Because the ark was taking so long, I decided to start some of the animals. I decided to start with the rhinos. For two reasons: One being that, rhinos are grey, and Dylan wasn’t home to help me pick out the colours for the other animals, and two, because I thought they were really cute!

They went pretty well! They were more finicky than time-consuming, but it was still a bit of a challenge getting them done, mostly because I get bored pretty easily.. and because, I may have taken a few weeks off of knitting… (sometimes I’m hopeless at getting things done..) But even after I came back from my lull, I have only managed to get a pair of zebras done.. sigh…

I can’t exactly remember when I started this project… I believe it was in February… So you would think, February to May would be enough time to finish this project…. Oh no! Somehow I ran out of time! As I stated above, I’m terrible for getting bored with big projects.. and I should have expected no less from this one…

At any rate. I’m nowhere near finished, and the boys turn 1 in a week exactly! So my life right now is all about knitting this ark and getting as much of it done as possible before their birthday!

So far I have done: Rhinos and Zebras and the ark should be done tomorrow.

What I hope to get done before Saturday: Elephants (which I have started) alligators, lions and toucans!

At this point I figure, worst case scenario, I’ll give them the ark with what animals I get done, and just add more to their collection as I finish them! At least they’re still too young to notice that their aunt left out some of the animals from the story!

As I finish the ark and animals, I’ll post some pictures for you all to see!

Two Hearts, One Love

   Hello again!

I am thrilled to be writing  this post today! I’ve been waiting anxiously all week to be able to sit and write!

My post today is part of my wedding series, and today I get to tell you all about the wedding that Dylan and I got to be a part of on Saturday!

The wedding took place near Bancroft, Ontario at a place called, Joy Bible Camp.  Now, the location is special in two ways. One being that, for many years, the bride and her family attended as campers; And second, this camp is where the Bride’s parents got married 26 years earlier! (so special!!)

The setting was beautiful! The ceremony was going to be held down at the waterfront. Perfectly nestled in between the dining hall where the reception would be held and the Lakeside Lodge, where post ceremony refreshments were offered to all those who attended. All three points were connected by a path lit by lanterns! It was truly romantic.



The ceremony was exquisite: The waterfront lined with white chairs, accented by lanterns and crates of flowers, all leading up to a beautiful white arbor, surrounded by mason jars filled with flowers! Pacabel’s Canon started playing and the groom sat his mother, and then proceeded to stand at the front, by the arbor. Then, one by one, each of the six groomsmen, dressed in grey dress pants and white shirts, walked over to stand by their friend, while in turn giving him a hug on their way by…


The music faded, from the familiar tune into a different song. A beautiful rendition of “Just The Way You Are”. The bridesmaids, each wearing a different pastel dress, started making their way to the front, all smiling at Liam as they walked by, knowing just how beautiful his bride looked, and how magical that moment would be when he saw her.. The anticipation grew as each bridesmaid took her place… Green, yellow, peach, lavender, blue, and finally pink, the colour of the Maid of Honour’s dress…  The music came to a great culmination, and the guests were asked to rise. There she was. A stunning bride. Her dress a beautiful A-line with a magnificent train, all detailed in lace. Joanna was escorted by her mother, down the aisle to meet her soon-to-be-husband. The look on his face: Priceless! The love that was shared in that moment, when the bride and groom saw each other for the first time, was incredible. Here mother gave here away, the audience (and bridesmaids) were in a puddle of tears, and so the two began to take the steps of committing their lives to one another. The ceremony was a bit different from the traditional wedding. The bride and groom wanted to sing a congregational song with their guests, and they had asked myself and my brother to sing. We led the congregation in the song “Amazing Love” and then they proceeded with their vows. the vows were beautiful, heartfelt, loving. Both of them finished by saying “I just love you”. They exchanged rings, and shared their first kiss as husband and wife! And then, as they went to do the signing, my brother and I got to sing for this amazing couple again. We sang “Multiplied”. And then as the lovely married couple made their way back over to the arbor, the preacher announced for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Liam and Joanna Tait!!




I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one who left the  ceremony feeling overjoyed for them! They were married!!

Right after the ceremony, the bride and groom had requested that the photographer get a group photo of all those who attended the wedding! It took a bit of time to get everyone organized, but in the end it was a great shot!

After that, the guests went to have refreshments, and the wedding party went to take pictures around the camp! The weather held off for almost the entire time that we were taking pictures, and it was only during our last shot, that it started to rain! But, we simply retreated to the dining hall, where there was a photo booth set up for the guests, and used that for a few shots. Also the guests were happy as they got to get their picture with the bride and groom.


Dinner was served at 6pm, in the dining hall. The room was set up beautifully! Round tables, with burlap and lace runners. The centerpieces; a mason jar filled with baby’s breath, as well as, carnations and roses. And the favours: Tiny mason jars, filled with personalized m&ms that said “Joanna and Liam”, “May the Force be with You” and some that had two hearts on them. The dinner was absolutely delicious! The chef prepared chicken and rice, asparagus, and mixed veggies, and on top of all that, there was a salad bar and amazing, homemade dinner rolls!! And for dessert: Root Beer floats, mini cheesecakes, and lava cakes!

Over the dinner, there were a few games to make the happy couple kiss. And of course there were many speeches made. There were also a few songs that were sung. I had the privilege of singing so many times that day, and the final two were at the reception. I sang the song “God Gave me You” with Liam’s two sisters, and his brother’s girlfriend. Later on, Joann’s sister sang a song that she wrote, while Jo and her brother danced. And my brother and I had the honour of singing the song “I see the light” (yes, from Tangled) for the couple’s first dance!


Throughout the reception, there was one thing that really stood out to me, and I’m sure to many others. Something sad and beautiful. Of course most of the speeches revolved around Joanna and Liam, but throughout the speeches made by Joanna’s family, there was also mention of a very special man, who was absent from that beautiful day. That man was Joanna’s father. He had passed away when Jo was quite little, and his absence was definitely felt by all who knew him, but also by those  of us who didn’t. At the end of the evening, the family released balloons  to remember him, as they have done every year since he has been gone.

It was truly a beautiful day! Emotional, also, but in a good way. I don’t believe that I have ever cried so much at a wedding before!!

All I can say is, congratulations Joanna and Liam! You guys are amazing and love you, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!


An Inward Battle

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

C.S. Lewis

It’s funny, really, how unpredictable life is… We all would like to think that life is simple… care-free… easy.. And that beyond the awkwardness that is, being a teenager, there is a glorious land of adulthood that is filled with unending happiness and great success! but the somewhat unfortunate reality is that, oftentimes, our life is much the opposite.

I’m not saying that everything about life is dull and dreary. There are so many beautiful aspects to this life. So many things, that I am deeply thankful for. Family and friends, love, spontaneous adventures, even growing up is beautiful in its own way…

But, with the good, we will often face some bad along the way… an untimely death… a broken heart… an illness… For our little family of two, it’s the latter.

What I want to share with you today, is my personal battle of emotions and anxiety, that often come with living life with a spouse who has a chronic illness.

The Illness:

In 2008, right around the time I first met him, my sweet husband received news that would forever change his life. He was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

For those who have never heard of Crohn’s before, here is a brief history of what is known.

The general definition of Crohn’s disease is this:

A chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines, especially the colon and ileum, associated with ulcers and fistulae.

The symptoms:

  • diarrhea
  • fever and fatigue
  • abdominal pain and cramping
  • blood in the stool
  • mouth sores
  • reduced appetite and weight loss
  • perianal disease
  • inflammation of the skin, eyes and joints
  • inflammation of the liver or bile ducts
  • delayed growth and development in children

A bit more info…

Taken from

Crohn’s can affect anywhere in the GI tract. i.e. anyway from the mouth to the anus, but is usually located in the lower part of the small bowel and the upper end of the colon…. it is a chronic life-long illness…. People who have Crohn’s will experience periods of acute flare-ups, when they’re symptoms are active, and other times where there symptoms go into remission……There is no cure for Crohn’s – yet.

Now that you have a better understand of this disease, Here is a little glimpse into my heart. A small tidbit of internal struggle I face,

Where It All Began…

To be honest, before I had met Dylan, I had never heard of Crohn’s, and even after we started dating, I still wasn’t sure what to expect from it, because it’s one of those illnesses, where you can’t really tell from the outside that the individual is sick. but, I learned very quickly after we started dating, just how serious this disease is.

 3 months after we started dating, in 2013. I had been away, visiting family, and was on my way back home, when Dylan texted me to tell me that he was going to the hospital (which had never happened since he was diagnosed 5 years earlier). He told me not to worry, that the doctors would give him some steroids and he would be fine. So I only panicked a little, not really sure what to feel. That same night, he came over for dinner, but, to the unknowing eye, he looked fine; A little uncomfortable, but otherwise fine. We went to youth group that night, and he started looking more sick. I remember playing a game with the kids, and afterwards coming into the kitchen to find him curled up on the floor because he was in so much pain. I knew then, that something was very wrong, but I tried not to worry, because he said he just needed to go home and sleep. One of the leaders drove him home, and I stayed till the end of youth group and tried to not let myself panic. But then, at the end of the night, I checked my phone, and his sister texted me, she told me that he was taken to the hospital again, and that he would be staying there for the foreseeable future.

That’s when the full-blown panic mode set in. I went home that night because I had no way of getting to the hospital, and I wasn’t sure if I should tell anyone about what had happened. It was one of the most unbearable nights of my life. I didn’t know how Dylan was doing, I didn’t even fully understand what was wrong, I couldn’t talk to him. It was awful.

The next day, I told my parents what had happened, and they drove me to the hospital to see Dylan. I remember it all very clearly… rushing through the ER… seeing him in a hospital bed… everything. I don’t remember ever feeling so scared. This was definitely not something that I ever thought I would face in my life.

Dylan ended up being in the hospital for 13 days. The doctors told him that he had a very severe Crohn’s flare, that his disease had gotten worse, and his body had essentially poisoned itself, and that truthfully he was lucky to be alive. They said that looking back, he had probably been sick for months, and that he would need several months to fully recover..

Since 2013, Dylan’s health has been mostly stable, which I’m so very thankful for! Though he’s had two flares since then, but nothing as bad as his first one. But it is still an ongoing struggle to make sure he stays healthy. from medications, to getting enough sleep, to eating the right food. Our life, in many ways, revolves around this disease.

And that’s where I am struggling. I am so happy to be Dylan’s wife. I love taking care of him, I love doting on him and making him happy. I love spending my life with him! But it can be hard, and sometimes overwhelming. Often I find myself a little anxious about when our life will be turned upside-down again because of Crohn’s.

If I’m being honest, my issues with fear and anxiety started when Dylan was hospitalized.  I’m not saying it’s his fault. It’s not. It is simply who I am, and it comes with the territory of being with someone who has an unpredictable illness and also comes with loving someone. You care about them, and therefore, you worry. There is seldom a day that goes by that I don’t wonder if he is actually OK. If he was being honest about how he’s feeling, or if he’s pushing himself too hard at work… I always wonder… I’m fairly certain that I always will.

I find myself  anxious about the food that he eats. I know that there are certain things he really shouldn’t have… apples… popcorn… lettuce… but, in the back of my mind, when I make something new for dinner, I’m praying that it doesn’t hurt him, that I’m not the reason that he gets sick the next time…

I’m anxious about his medication. A few months ago, Dylan had a mild flare, and his doctor put him on a very strong medication, one which had cancer as one of the side effects.. The first week he took it, I cried. I cried, because he already had an incurable disease, and now he was at risk for another. I worried every time he took it… wondered if the next pill he took would give him cancer…

I’m anxious about him getting sick again (having a flare) because the reality of Crohn’s, is that he will get sick again.

It seems that life, for me, has become a constant cycle of being anxious and worrying…

But, despite my life being a whirlwind of emotions, my real battle lies in finding the peace and strength to get through each day. My real struggle, is trusting that God knows what’s best for our life, and that He will provide for every need that we have, emotionally, spiritually, physically…

I know that I painted a bit of a dark picture of what my life looks like, but I’m just being honest. There are days when I’m totally fine. I have a positive outlook on life and I know that God is in control. But, there are also many days when it is hard to even crawl out of bed in the morning. Days, when I feel very distant from God…

What I’ve Learned

I’ve learned a lot, over the past 3 years, about how harsh life can be. About how difficult it can be to stay strong, how tiring it is to “put on a brave face”, how painful it is to feel like no one understands…

But I have also learned how beautiful life is. That each moment that I get to spend with my husband is a gift. That, laughing, in spite of a really bad day, can make your heart feel light. That, even though you’re in a hospital room, it can still be a romantic date..

Through everything that I have been struggling with, and the many lessons that God has been teaching me, there is one that stands out about the rest. I need to rest in Him. He is my Rock, and I need to trust that He knows what’s best. Even if I don’t agree with Him, he knows what’s best for me, for Dylan, and for our life together.

When I was at camp, many years ago, I was challenged to pick a “life verse”. One that I could memorize and turn to when I was in a crisis or just needed to be reminded that I have a purpose. For the longest time, I didn’t have one… But my dad sent me this verse a few months ago, when Dylan was going through a rough time, and it has stuck with me ever since

 Psalm 61:2

From the end of the earth I will call to you when my heart is faint; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

I hope that my story hasn’t been too depressing. Really, that was not my intention. I simply wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about this subject, in hopes that it will encourage anyone who is on a similar journey.


Bachelorette Baking

Hey everyone!

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am going to be in two weddings this spring/summer, and the first one is coming up in less than two weeks!!

About a week ago the bridesmaids put together a fabulous bachelorette for the bride-to-be, which involved belly dancing, a guessing game involving underwear, lingerie, and, of course, tons of food!

A few of those who attended the party were asked to bring either an appetizer or a dessert, and I was among  those asked!

I chose to bring a dessert, mostly because I really enjoy baking, but also because I found really cute bra and underwear cookies on Pinterest that I really wanted to make! And someone had made them for my bachelorette and I wanted to give them a shot!

So, I decided that I would share the process of making these delightful cookies with you!

I got the recipe for the sugar cookies off of Pinterest, but I did a bit of tweaking to fit my particular needs! Here’s the link to the original recipe

Here is my take on the recipe:


  • 3 Cups Flour
  • 1/8 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/4 tsp Salt
  • 1 Cup Butter
  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 tsp Pure Vanilla

My version of the preparation instructions:

  1. Cream butter and sugar together in a stand mixer
  2. Add egg and vanilla
  3. In a separate bowl, combine flour, salt, and baking powder.
  4. With mixer on low, slowly add dry ingredients to the wet.
  5. Mix until dough forms.
  6. Roll dough into ball, cover with plastic wrap, and store in fridge overnight.

The Next Day…

  • Take dough out of fridge AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to rolling! I took mine out 30 minutes beforehand but it was still quite hard to work with.
  • Preheat oven to 350 F
  • Once dough is warm enough to work with, roll out to about 1/4 inch thick. (Sometimes my dough got a bit thin, which is OK if you like crispy cookies but if you want soft and puffy ones, try to keep the dough a bit thicker)
  • Cut your cookies into desired shape. I used a heart, but obviously you can use whatever shape you like!
  • Baking: In the original recipe it is suggested that you bake the cookies on the top rack for about 7 minutes. I tried this on my first batch but found that the cookies were unevenly baked. So for my particular oven, I had to bake them for 11 minutes in total; 8 minutes on the top rack and 3 minutes on the middle rack. But again, baking times totally depend on your oven
  • Cool completely before decorating


After baking the cookies, I searched a few images of bra/underwear cookies to use as a reference, but, really, it was pretty self-explanatory! For decorating, I used Wilton Sparkle Gel in red and pink and Wilton Cookie Icing in light pink. Of course, use whatever colours suit you best! I originally wanted to use white cookie icing, but accidentally grabbed the light pink instead! Oh well, the end result was still pretty great! (in my opinion) and I had a really fun time making them!


Just a quick note about the gel… I thought that the gel would solidify after a few minutes, but sadly things didn’t work out that way. It took all night for the gel to set, so transporting the cookies was a bit of a pain. But, again, the end result of using the sparkly gel was quite pretty, though I don’t think I will use it again.

Taadaa! Here is what the final product looks like! Please don’t judge too harshly, I’m most certainly not an artist, and I realize that my cookies aren’t quite Pinterest worthy, but I was just happy that they weren’t a total fail!


Hope you enjoy!

A Tale of Two Weddings

When I was about 16, I stumbled upon the well-known show, Say Yes to the Dress. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with weddings!! I loved everything about them, from the story of how the couple first met, to the flavour of cake they decided to go with! I never get tired of talking about weddings! I was over the moon excited when I got to plan my own wedding in 2014 and now, this year, I am so happy to have been asked by two of my best friends, to also be a part of their big day!

Both of these beautiful women, were a part of my wedding party as well, which makes this even for special (for me anyway) that I get to also stand up with them as they say their vows, and commit their lives to the wonderful men that God has given them!

Friends bw

The first wedding that I’m a bridesmaid in, will take place on May 7 of this year, in Bancroft. Very close to where I got married actually! (The couple in the middle)

And the second wedding, which I am the Matron of Honour in, will be on August 27 of this year, in Peterborough! (The couple on the far right)

It’s been so exciting so far to share a lot of special moments with each of these amazing women! Dress shopping, discussing centerpieces, music… weddings truly are my addiction…

Right now, though, the wedding in May is coming up in just over two weeks, so I’ve been pretty focused on helping the bride with whatever she needs, and making sure all my duties as a bridesmaid are fulfilled!

The last two weeks before the wedding are so exciting! I feel a tad bit sad for the bride, as this time can be a bit stressful, but the excitement usually outweighs the stress as everyone prepares for the Day!

This week, for me, is all about getting my dress altered, and my hair cut and dyed, so I don’t look too unruly for the wedding!

I’ll keep you all posted on how things are going before wedding and hopefully I’ll have pictures to show you!

New Glasses

If you are someone who wears glasses on a regular basis, I’m sure you’re quite familiar with process of going to the optometrist every year or so and the joy (or maybe dread) of getting new glasses!

For me, because I was born with my eye condition, I have been wearing glasses since I was three years old, so I’m sure you can imagine how happy it made me when I got to trade in an old pair for a new one!

Growing up, I was only able to get new glasses every two years, which, when I was younger, was a bit of a challenge because usually by the time those two years was up, the frames were literally being held together by tape!

On the opposite year, though, going to see the optometrist wasn’t nearly as fun, because I still had to go for a routine checkup but I would leave with the same, old, generally falling apart pair of glasses.

And that’s how it went for about fifteen years! Seeing the doctor every year, and getting new glasses every other year. This carried on until I was eighteen. I was officially an adult, and because of that I had to start making my own appointments and, of course, paying for my own eye wear.

So, being the typical teenager that I was, I put off going to see my doctor, which, in turn, meant no new glasses for me… I had planned on going before my wedding, but I never made it… And I just kept putting it off… and putting it off…. Until one day, while I was cleaning the bathroom, I was cheerily going about the usual business of cleaning the toilet, when before I realized it, my glasses had slipped off my nose and into the toilet bowl!!! Gross, does not even begin to cover it… But it was in that moment that I declared to myself that I was going to the doctor as soon as possible to get new glasses because, I was too disturbed to wear, my now toilet soiled, old pair.

I made the appointment, and about two weeks later, I went in for my routine check up, but I was mostly just excited to finally replace my old, dirty and rather outdated frames!

I browsed for about an hour or so before I settled on a pair… I’m a very indecisive person, and it’s even more amplified when it comes to choosing glasses…. but with the help of my awesome husband, and the lovely office staff I found a pair that I was 90% sure of… I say 90% because I’m almost never 100% in love with any set of frames because I’m never quite sure how they’re going to look with the orange lenses, and it’s really quite hard for me to imagine… anyway, they sent me on my way saying that I should hear back in about six weeks…

I was so excited when I got the call that they were in! Finally, after 4 long years, I had new glasses! So I drove.. well, my husband drove me, out to the doctor’s office to pick up my new glasses.

And then I saw them… Honestly, my first reaction was “oh. my. goodness. I hate them” followed by, “What was I thinking??”. The lenses were huge in comparison to my previous pair… I had not anticipated them being so big… It looked (or so I thought) as though my face had been swallowed by orange!!

Of course, this is not the first time that I was disappointed in the frames I chose. I had happened to me once or twice when I was younger… But it made me quite upset this time around, because I had loved the frames when I picked them out, but with the orange lenses I really did not… But the reality was, that I needed them, so I (begrudgingly) took them home… I wore them all that day, not really enjoying my day because I thought that I looked rather dumb… not to mention they gave me a huge headache, and I had to go out and buy a new pair of sunglasses that would fit over top of my new monstrosities… Needless to say, that wasn’t a day that I wanted to remember..

Truthfully, I’m still not in love with my new glasses, even after a week with them, but with a lot of encouragement from Dylan, and overall, positive feedback from my friends and family, I am slowly but surely coming to terms with them, and even though I’m not crazy about them, I’m willing to tough it out and hope that I learn to love them!


What do you guys think?

You and Me Forever

 If you live to be 100, I want to live 100 minus 1 day so I would never have to live a day without you ~ Winnie the Pooh

Love is beautiful.

Like so many others, as a young girl, I dreamed of falling in love with a handsome prince (I know, cliché) and living happily ever after! I truly believed that falling in love was just like in the movies. You would bump into a random stranger, go on one date, and fall madly in love… Of course, as I grew up, I quickly came to realize that was not how it worked. At all.

I distinctly remember, when I was about 14, having a conversation with one of my best friends and stating that when I was 16 I would have a boyfriend, be married by 18 or 19, and probably have kids by 21…. Looking back, I just have to laugh at my naive, 14-year-old self… Clearly that’s not how my life turned out… But in the long run I’m very thankful that it didn’t turn out the way my teenage self thought it would. Turns out, I needed to learn a few lessons along the way to finding the amazing man who is now my husband.

My 16th birthday was when it all began. I remember spending this birthday at my best friend’s house, which was fine with me at the time, as I had a little crush on one of her brothers. (oh silly me) Anyway, it was then that I started to care what boys thought of me, and I started to panic (ever so slightly) about the fact that I did not yet have a boyfriend, or even a prospective boyfriend. (my crush didn’t like me back.. it was all very dramatic) But still, I clung to the hope that by the time I turned 17, I would have a special someone to bring home to meet my family…. To my great disappointment, by the time my birthday came along, there was still no boyfriend… that was when full panic mode set in! I remember feeling very depressed over the next year, crying myself to sleep on many occasions because I thought that no boy would ever love me. I began to think that it was because of my disability, that no boy was interested in me…. I mean, who would want to date a girl who wears orange glasses, right?

Wrong! And that was one of the lessons that I needed to learn. looking back, God had been trying to teach me this for over 2 years, but I had been too obsessed with finding someone to see what He was trying to say to me. Before I could be with someone… before I could love someone… I had to learn to love the way that I was created, I needed to be reminded that I was precious to God. I also needed to be reminded of the fact that God loves me. Even if I feel ugly or useless, or forgotten, He always loves me. So before He could bring someone into my life, I had to learn to be completely satisfied with His love, and to accept the fact that I am beautiful in His eyes.

And that’s when it happened. It’s not like I accepted who I was and the next day God brought me a boyfriend, oh no. But because I was no longer in desperate search of someone to love, I thought nothing of it when, at Bible college, God stuck a stubborn, opinionated, curly-haired man in my life…

College was not technically the first time I had met Dylan. We met at camp 4 years earlier, but he didn’t like me then, and truthfully, I didn’t much care for him either. But it was while we attended school, that we actually became friends, because, upon actually speaking to each other, we discovered that neither one of us was really that repulsing… But as I said earlier, when we became friends, dating was the furthest thing from my mind, which worked out well because, at the time, he was quite interested in dating one of my friends. But as the school year went on, we became closer, and around 2 weeks before graduation, I started developing a little bit of a crush… sadly nothing became of it at the time, and even though we spent the following summer together at camp, I found myself moving on to yet another crush.

During that summer, I had gone on vacation with my family and had become quite infatuated with one of the boys I met while there, and so I became quite perplexed, when I returned to camp, the final week of summer, to find that Dylan had told several of my friends that he liked me (being the true friends they were, they gave me a heads up before he talked to me)

I remember being so confused… How could I pick between two boys, especially when one liked me?! I knew that later that week, Dylan was going to talk to me about his feelings, which was a very scary thought to me, because I had no idea what he was going to say. Luckily when the day came, he simply asked that we hang out often during the upcoming year, which I was perfectly OK with because he was quickly becoming one of my best friends.

And that’s how it went. He was in school that fall, and I would come over and have tea with him, and we would talk and have fun and we never once spoke about feelings.

But then Halloween came around, and his school was having a party, and he invited me. So I went with him, but we soon left to have tea (that was our thing) and he sat me down and asked me 3 questions: Do you like hanging out with me? Do you want to continue hanging out with me? Do you see our relationship going any further? I didn’t answer him right away. In fact, I took an entire week to answer him! (much to his dismay) Long story short, I said “yes” to all 3 questions.


It was amazing!! Although, at the beginning of our relationship, things were a bit awkward… we didn’t speak much… we were just generally awkward people.. and of course our relationship had some rough patches…but I didn’t care! I knew, shortly after we started dating, that he was the man who I was going to marry… I was in love (finally!!)


We dated for 1 year and 3 months, and at midnight, on Valentine’s Day, he gave me a scrapbook of all our wonderful memories over the past year, and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! *spoiler* I said yes 🙂


9 months later, on September 27, 2014, we were married. It was a beautiful day. Absolutely perfect.




We’ve now been married for 1 year and 8 months, and it has been quite a whirlwind! It hasn’t always been easy either, we’ve been through some pretty tough times emotionally, physically, financially… but I wouldn’t change it for the world! It’s the tough times in life that make us appreciate what God has given us… and I am truly thankful that he gave me such a loving man to share the good times and the bad with!

It has been quite a journey for me so far, but as I look back on my life, I’m so glad that things didn’t work out the way I thought they would. God has taught me so much about who He is and who I am, and although, some of these lessons have been hard, I know that I am better for it.

I look forward to what God has in store for us in the years to come, and can’t wait to share these adventures with the love of my life.