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It’s Been Awhile

Hello there!

Oh my goodness it has been so long since I have posted anything! Although I must admit that part of that has been due to a lack of writing inspiration the main reason for my absence is that I have a beautiful, rambunctious 9 month old baby girl!

Last time I posted (last summer) I was still pregnant, so a lot has happened since that time! Life has been a wee bit crazy and due to the craziness, I kind of lost my footing on blogging and well, doing a lot of my hobbies. My time has been quite focused on being a new mom.

Regardless, I’m so excited to be back! And it’s really the perfect time of year to get into the swing of things again! It’s November which means that all the wonderful, Christmas festivities will start soon! Which means tons of decorating, food, parties, and beautiful family moments! I can’t wait to share this holiday season with you!